Thursday, November 26, 2015

Another National Embarrassment

America Under Attack From Within - National Embarassment

Charles Krauthammer

The Syrian refugee debate has become a national embarrassment.

It begins with a president, desperate to deflect attention from the collapse of his foreign policy, retreating to his one safe zone — ad hominem attacks on critics, this time for lack of compassion toward Syrian widows and orphans.

This, without a glimmer of acknowledgment of his own responsibility for these unfortunate souls becoming widowed and orphaned, displaced and homeless, in the first place.

A quarter-million deaths ago, when Bashar al-Assad began making war on his own people, he unleashed his air force and helicopters. They dropped high explosives, nail-filled barrel bombs and even chemical weapons on helpless civilians. President Obama lifted not a finger.

In the earliest days, we could have stopped the slaughter: cratered Assad's airfields, taken out his planes, grounded his helicopters and created a nationwide no-fly zone. (We successfully maintained one over Kurdistan for 12 years between 1991 and 2003.) At the time, Assad was teetering. His national security headquarters had been penetrated and bombed. High-level aides were defecting. Military officers were forming a Free Syrian Army.

Against the advice of his top civilian and military aides, Obama refused to intervene. The widows and orphans he now so ostentatiously champions are the product of his coldhearted refusal to do anything that might sully his peacemaking image.

Obama has also charged the Republicans with cowardice, afraid to grant admittance to "3-year-old orphans." He gave zero credit to the very real concern of governors and other officials that terrorists could be embedded amid the refugees.

This is no theoretical proposition. At least one of the Paris attackers came to France by way of Greece. Obama's own officials have admitted that the absence of thorough data makes it nearly impossible to properly vet Syrian refugees. In response, many Republicans (and some Democrats) called for a pause in admitting Syrians until alternate vetting procedures are developed.

In my view, it would have been better to differentiate among the refugees: Admit women, children and the elderly under the current procedures, while subjecting young men of fighting age to a new regime of far stricter scrutiny.

The concerns of GOP officials were quite reasonable. But there was no need for the Republican candidates to allow the Syria debate to be derailed into a cul-de-sac on immigration — as if the essence of the Middle East issue is a relatively small number of potential refugees rather than the abject failure of Obama's policies.

Terror is rising around the world — Sinai, Beirut, Mali, Paris. Brussels was shut down by fear itself. The president, in denial about the collapse of his Syria policy, denounced those demanding a change in course.

His secretary of state actually acknowledged a rationale (if not legitimacy) for the machine-gunning of a room full of Charlie Hebdo cartoonists for offending Muslim sensibilities with a drawing.

Beyond that is the strategic surrender of the Middle East, for 40 years dominated by the United States, to Russia and Iran, who now dictate the terms. Which is why, for example, we dare not impose a protective no-fly zone. It's too dangerous. Russia has filled the Obama vacuum.

Facing a massive failure of seven years of Democratic foreign policy stewardship, the GOP candidates have instead tried to outbid each other in being tough on Syrian refugees. This descent into xenophobia was led, as usual, by Donald Trump. Amid bushels of word salad, he concurred with registering American Muslims, raised alarms about Arab-American treachery ("thousands and thousands" on TV cheering the World Trade Center collapse) and promised not only to deny entry to Syrian refugees, but to send back the ones already here.

Can you see it? Packing them onto his 757, the one with gold-plated seat belts, then dumping them — orphans, widows, the lot — into a war zone to await the next regime barrel bomb.

Other GOP candidates have issued Trumpian echoes. The Muslim registry had no takers. But some have advocated shutting out all the refugees or taking Christians only. They are chasing the polls showing strong anti-refugee sentiment.

How deeply shortsighted. It may work in the GOP primaries. But Trump-like anti-immigrant, anti-foreigner, now anti-Muslim, anti-Arab rhetoric — and don't forget those cunning Chinese stealing our jobs and ruthless Mexicans raping our women — will not play well in a general election.

Politically, it will be fatal. John Kasich has forcefully denounced this slide into the swamp. Where are the others?

Thanksgiving 2015 - "Make The Most Out Of Every Sunrise You Get"

T. Reese Shapiro Washington Post  November 26, 2015 
On Thanksgiving in 1944, Dick Graff opened his Army-issue mess kit and took comfort in his turkey and mashed potatoes, a welcome respite from the brutal battlefront near Weisweiler, Germany.
As a soldier with the 104th Infantry Division, the 20-year-old who grew up on a hog and cattle farm in Iowa was grateful for the hot meal a world away. Things had changed in the few weeks since he had narrowly survived his first combat experience.
The night mission had called for Graff and other soldiers in his unit to maneuver through a forest, and as they moved, German artillery shells began to quake the earth around him. The bombardment seemed endless. The Army had trained him how to fight and how to shoot machine guns, but the terror of facing enemy fire was like nothing he could have imagined.
“I was not sure I was going to live until morning,” Graff said in an interview this week at his home in Ashburn, Va. “I prayed to God for one more sunrise.”
He saw another dawn on that distant November day. Just as he has for almost 26,000 mornings since.
Graff lived through 6 1/2 months of combat in Europe, married his Iowa State University sweetheart, raised a family and had a fulfilling career as an engineer in the Washington region.
Now 91, Graff is a remnant of the dwindling “Greatest Generation” of World War II veterans who rolled back tyranny in Europe, liberated Nazi concentration camps and came home to ticker-tape parades thrown by a grateful nation. Since the end of the war, Graff has found purpose sharing his vivid recollections to thousands of schoolchildren during classroom visits in Fairfax and Loudoun counties and talking about war and the meaning of being thankful.
“Maybe that’s why the Good Lord has seen fit to give me so many more sunrises — to keep talking to the kids,” Graff said.
Graff brings messages of both war and peace to the students he meets; he says he understands why his war was so important but also wants to convey how devastating war can be. It is a truth that spans generations, one that is relevant today as conflicts rage worldwide even if their nature has changed.
“I remain as patriotic and committed to our country today as I was then, but I also have no illusions about the glory of war,” Graff wrote in his diary earlier this year. “I can only hope and pray for peace and a time when no young people must face the horrors of war, wherever it may be.”
The only son of German immigrants, Richard Stanley Graff was born Aug. 18, 1924, on his family’s 80-acre farm in Popejoy, Iowa, where his mother raised chickens and milked cows and his father tended to pigs, planted apple trees and fashioned his own hard cider with a hand press.
“They knew how to work hard, and that’s about it,” Graff said. He was 5 when his father died of a brain tumor at age 57, and Graff was raised mostly by his six older sisters. After he graduated from high school, he became an FBI teletype operator in Washington under J. Edgar Hoover.
Graff was drafted into the Army in March 1943. Though more than seven decades have passed, Graff’s memories of his wartime service shine bright in his mind. He recalls his serial number from memory: 37671844. Graff said that he forged quick bonds with his fellow soldiers.
“We could agree on one thing: We all drank beer,” Graff said.
On landing in Europe, his unit began marching to Germany, where Graff, one generation removed from the enemy, still had relatives. In war, Graff fast learned that danger lurked only steps away; his squad lost four men during one crucial river crossing.
Retelling the story, Graff shifts in his seat, his brown leather shoes squeak beneath the table and his face — age chiseled into his cheeks, his bushy brows furrowed — becomes solemn.
“I want to stress that a combat death is not a statistic,” Graff said, noting that he’ll never forget the names of Anthony Ferrante, Parker Farrington, Jimmie Frommelt and Jack Sturm. Graff found Frommelt’s body in an assault boat drawn up on the shore.
“And there in the front was Jimmie, his rifle in his hand in firing position. There was no blood, just that hole in this side and out that side,” Graff said, pointing a fingertip to his forehead. “In my own way, I said a little prayer for Jimmie. And I took his .45 out of his holster and carried it the rest of the war.”
The grim realities of war became part of daily life. He closes his eyes as he talks about his Thanksgiving dinner in 1944. As he ate the hot meal, Graff hunted for the hood of a jeep to lean against as a makeshift table; he found a three-quarter-ton Dodge truck loaded with the barefoot remains of American troops killed on the front lines.
“I’m shocked. How can I continue chewing?” Graff said. “I’m not sure that once it gets in your mind if it’s ever gone.”
But, Graff said, he soon realized that to finish his mission, to survive and to return home, he’d have to get by the death and the darkness.
“In your lifetime, you’re going to run into things that are very difficult,” he said.
Graff did get by that day, but he never forgot the men he left behind. His life has been filled with joy — 66 years with his wife, Jean, four children, 11 grandchildren — but sorrow as well, including the death of a son in 2005.
Yet it was war that taught Graff to be thankful for what is given before it is taken away.
“Make the most of every sunrise you get,” Graff said.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"This Is The Greatest Generation of Soldiers - They May Never Be Equaled "

What follows is an account from a French ISAF soldier that was stationed with American Warfighters in Afghanistan sometime in the past 6 years. This was copied and translated from an editorial French newspaper.  Grammatical errors have been kept in-tact to preserve authenticity.
"We have shared our daily life with two US units for quite a while - they are the first and fourth companies of a prestigious infantry battalion whose name I will withhold for the sake of military secrecy. To the common man it is a unit just like any other. But we live with them and got to know them, and we henceforth know that we have the honor to live with one of the most renowned units of the US Army - one that the movies brought to the public as series showing "ordinary soldiers thrust into extraordinary events". Who are they, those soldiers from abroad, how is their daily life, and what support do they bring to the men of our OMLT every day? Few of them belong to the Easy Company, the one the TV series focuses on. This one nowadays is named Echo Company, and it has become the support company.
They have a terribly strong American accent - from our point of view the language they speak is not even English. How many times did I have to write down what I wanted to say rather than waste precious minutes trying various pronunciations of a seemingly common word? Whatever State they are from, no two accents are alike and they even admit that in some crisis situations they have difficulties understanding each other. Heavily built, fed at the earliest age with Gatorade, proteins and creatine- they are all heads and shoulders taller than us and their muscles remind us of Rambo. Our frames are amusingly skinny to them - we are wimps, even the strongest of us - and because of that they often mistake us for Afghans.
And they are impressive warriors! We have not come across bad ones, as strange at it may seem to you when you know how critical French people can be. Even if some of them are a bit on the heavy side, all of them provide us everyday with lessons in infantry know-how. Beyond the wearing of a combat kit that never seem to discomfort them (helmet strap, helmet, combat goggles, rifles etc.) the long hours of watch at the outpost never seem to annoy them in the slightest. On the one square meter wooden tower above the perimeter wall they stand the five consecutive hours in full battle rattle and night vision goggles on top, their sight unmoving in the directions of likely danger. No distractions, no pauses, they are like statues nights and days. At night, all movements are performed in the dark - only a handful of subdued red lights indicate the occasional presence of a soldier on the move. Same with the vehicles whose lights are covered - everything happens in pitch dark even filling the fuel tanks with the Japy pump.Here we discover America as it is often depicted: their values are taken to their paroxysm, often amplified by promiscuity and the loneliness of this outpost in the middle of that Afghan valley.
And combat? If you have seen Rambo you have seen it all - always coming to the rescue when one of our teams gets in trouble, and always in the shortest delay. That is one of their tricks: they switch from T-shirt and sandals to combat ready in three minutes. Arriving in contact with the enemy, the way they fight is simple and disconcerting: they just charge! They disembark and assault in stride, they bomb first and ask questions later - which cuts any pussyfooting short.Honor, motherland - everything here reminds of that: the American flag floating in the wind above the outpost, just like the one on the post parcels. Even if recruits often originate from the hearth of American cities and gang territory, no one here has any goal other than to hold high and proud the star spangled banner. Each man knows he can count on the support of a whole people who provides them through the mail all that an American could miss in such a remote front-line location: books, chewing gums, razorblades, Gatorade, toothpaste etc. in such way that every man is aware of how much the American people backs him in his difficult mission. And that is a first shock to our preconceptions: the American soldier is no individualist. The team, the group, the combat team are the focus of all his attention.
(This is the main area where I'd like to comment. Anyone with a passing knowledge of Kipling knows the lines from Chant Pagan: 'If your officer's dead and the sergeants look white/remember it's ruin to run from a fight./ So take open order, lie down, sit tight/ And wait for supports like a soldier./ This, in fact, is the basic philosophy of both British and Continental soldiers. 'In the absence of orders, take a defensive position.' Indeed, virtually every army in the world. The American soldier and Marine, however, are imbued from early in their training with the ethos: In the Absence of Orders: Attack! Where other forces, for good or ill, will wait for precise orders and plans to respond to an attack or any other 'incident', the American force will simply go, counting on firepower and SOP to carry the day.
This is one of the great strengths of the American force in combat and it is something that even our closest allies, such as the Brits and Aussies (that latter being closer by the way) find repeatedly surprising. No wonder is surprises the hell out of our enemies.)
We seldom hear any harsh word, and from 5 AM onwards the camp chores are performed in beautiful order and always with excellent spirit. A passing American helicopter stops near a stranded vehicle just to check that everything is alright; an American combat team will rush to support ours before even knowing how dangerous the mission is - from what we have been given to witness, the American soldier is a beautiful and worthy heir to those who liberated France and Europe.
To those who bestow us with the honor of sharing their combat outposts and who everyday give proof of their military excellence, to those who pay the daily tribute of America's army's deployment on Afghan soil, to those we owned this article, ourselves hoping that we will always remain worthy of them and to always continue hearing them say that we are all the same band of brothers".
We seldom hear any harsh word, and from 5 AM onwards the camp chores are performed in beautiful order and always with excellent spirit. A passing American helicopter stops near a stranded vehicle just to check that everything is alright; an American combat team will rush to support ours before even knowing how dangerous the mission is - from what we have been given to witness, the American soldier is a beautiful and worthy heir to those who liberated France and Europe.
To those who bestow us with the honor of sharing their combat outposts and who everyday give proof of their military excellence, to those who pay the daily tribute of America's army's deployment on Afghan soil, to those we owned this article, ourselves hoping that we will always remain worthy of them and to always continue hearing them say that we are all the same band of brothers".
Everyone complains about the quality of 'the new guys.' Don't. The screw-ups of this modern generation are head and shoulders above the 'high-medium' of any past group. Including mine.So much of 'The scum of the earth, enlisted for drink.'
This is 'The Greatest Generation' of soldiers.
They may never be equaled.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Oama - Kerry: "The Greatest Threat We Face Is Global Warming"

Paris - November 13, 2015 --- Dang!! - apparently ISIS never got their memo.

Impossible to Get Through This With Dry Eyes

Pictures of the Year.
First Place:      
Todd Heisler,
The Rocky Mountain News

When 2nd Lt.
James Cathey's body arrived at the Reno Airport , Marines climbed into the
cargo hold of the plane and draped the flag over his casket as passengers
watched the family gather on the tarmac. During the arrival of another
Marine's casket last year at Denver International Airport , Major Steve
Beck described the scene as so powerful: 'See the people in the windows?
They sat right there in the plane, watching those Marines. You gotta
wonder what's going through their minds, knowing that they're on the plane
that brought him home,' he said. 'They will remember being on that plane
for the rest of their lives. They're going to remember bringing that
Marine home. And they should.'

Second Place:        
Todd Heisler,
The Rocky

The night
before the burial of her husband's body, Katherine Cathey refused to leave
the casket, asking to sleep next to his body for the last time. The
Marines made a bed for her, tucking in the sheets below the flag. Before
she fell asleep, she opened her laptop computer and played songs that
reminded her of 'Cat,' and one of the Marines asked if she wanted them to
continue standing watch as she slept. 'I think it would be kind of nice if
you kept doing it,' she said. 'I think that's what he would have
3rd Place

"Son, on behalf of a grateful nation, I present you with the flag of the United States of America, symbolizing your father's service."

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Organized Crime

By Charles Krauthammer
The Clinton Foundation is "organized crime" at its finest, and we are financing it.

Here is a good, concise summary of how the Clinton Foundation works as a tax free international money laundering scheme.  It may eventually prove to be the largest political criminal enterprise in U.S. history.

This is a textbook case on how you hide foreign money sent to you and repackage it to be used for your own purposes.  All tax free.  Here's how it works:
1. You create  a separate foreign "charity."  In this case one in Canada.
2.  Foreign oligarchs and governments, then donate to this Canadian charity.   In this case, over 1,000 did  -- contributing mega millions.  I'm sure they did this out of  the  goodness of their hearts, and expected nothing in return. (Imagine Putin's buddies waking up one morning and just deciding to send untold  millions to a  Canadian charity).

3. The Canadian charity then  bundles these separate donations and makes a massive donation to the    Clinton Foundation.

4. The Clinton Foundation and the cooperating  Canadian charity claim Canadian law prohibits the identification of  individual donors.

5. The Clinton Foundation then "spends" some of  this  money for legitimate good works programs. Unfortunately, experts believe this is on the order of 10%.  Much of the balance goes to enrich the  Clinton's, pay salaries   To  untold numbers of  hangers on, and fund lavish travel, etc.  Again, virtually all tax free,    which means you and I are subsidizing it.

6. The Clinton Foundation, with access to the world's best accountants, somehow  fails to report much  of this on their tax filings.  They discover these "clerical  errors"  and begin the process  of re-filing 5 years of tax returns.

7. Net result -- foreign money,  much of it from other countries, goes into the Clinton's pockets tax free and untraceable back to the original donor.  This is the textbook definition  of money  laundering.

Oh, by the way, the Canadian "charity" includes as a principal one Frank Giustra.  Google him.  He is the guy who was central to the formation of Uranium One,  the Canadian company that somehow acquired massive U.S. uranium interests and then sold them to an organization controlled by Russia. This transaction required U.S. State Department approval, and guess who was Secretary of State when the approval was granted.  As an aside, imagine how former Virginia Governor Bob  McDonnell feels. That poor schlep is in jail because he and his wife took $165,000 in gifts and loans for doing minor favors for a guy promoting a vitamin company.  Not legal but not exactly putting U.S. security at risk.

Sarcasm aside, if you're still not persuaded this was a  cleverly structured way to get unidentified foreign money to the Clinton's, ask yourself this:

Why did these foreign  interests funnel money through a Canadian charity? Why not donate directly to the Clinton Foundation?  Better yet, why not donate  money directly to the people, organizations and  countries in need?

This is the essence of money laundering and influence peddling.

Now you know why Hillary's destruction of 30,000  e-mails was a risk she was willing to take.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"5.6% Are Unemployed - 23% are out of work"

COSTELLO :  I want to talk about the unemployment rate in America.
ABBOTT : Good Subject.  Terrible Times.  It's 5.6%.

COSTELLO :  That many people are out of work?
ABBOTT : No, that's 23%.

COSTELLO : You just said 5.6%.
ABBOTT :  5.6% Unemployed.

COSTELLO :  Right 5.6% out of work.
ABBOTT : No, that's 23%.

COSTELLO : Okay, so it's  23% unemployed.
ABBOTT : No, that's 5.6%.

COSTELLO :  WAIT A MINUTE!!   Is it 5.6% or 23%?
ABBOTT :  5.6% are unemployed.  23% are out of work.

COSTELLO : If you are out of work you are unemployed.
ABBOTT :  No, Obama mandated that you can't count the
                    "Out of Work"  as the unemployed.  You have to look for
                    work to be unemployed.

ABBOTT : No, you miss his point.

COSTELLO :  What point?
ABBOTT :  Someone who doesn't look for work can't be
                  counted with those who do look for work.  That’s a
                    form of income inequality and it wouldn't be fair.

COSTELLO : To whom?
ABBOTT : The unemployed.

COSTELLO : But ALL of them are out of work!
ABBOTT :  No, the “unemployed” are actively looking for work.
                    There are those who are out of work and gave up looking.
                    If you give up looking for work, you are no longer in the ranks
                    of the “unemployed”.

COSTELLO : So if you're off the Unemployment Rolls,
                        Obama would count that as less unemployment?
ABBOTT : Unemployment would go down. Absolutely!

COSTELLO :  The unemployment goes down just because
                          you don't look for work?
ABBOTT :  Absolutely, it goes down. That's how it gets down
                    to 5.6%.  Otherwise it would be reported as 23%.


COSTELLO : Wait, I got a question for you. That means there
                        now are two ways to bring down the unemployment number?
ABBOTT : Two ways is correct.

COSTELLO : Unemployment can go down if someone gets a job?
ABBOTT : Correct.

COSTELLO : And unemployment can also go down if you stop
                     looking for a job?
ABBOTT : Bingo.

COSTELLO: So there are two ways Obama can bring the
                        unemployment number for America down, and the easier
                        of the two is to have people stop looking for work.
ABBOTT: Right!  Now you're thinking like an Obama-Economist!!

COSTELLO:  I don't even know what the hell I just said!!!
ABBOTT: Now you're thinking like a Liberal.

Monday, October 26, 2015

We Cannot Forget!!

On the anniversary date - June 6 - of the World War II allied troops' invasion in Normandy France, the French host a celebration inviting world leaders to attend and show their respect for the men and wonen who sacrificed their lives to assure lasting freedom for America, all European nations and the rest of the world.

All American presidents have attended that celebration except for Barack Obama who has been way too busy to attend. For example, he had scheduling conflicts on June 6, 2011 when he conducted interviews with WEWS Cleveland and WDIV Detroit about the auto industry and on both June 6, 2012 and June 6, 2013 when he was forced to attend Democratic Party fund raisers in California.

Courtesy Russ DeWitt

Friday, October 9, 2015

America Under Attack From Within

Whether you are a progressvie or a conservative, it is well worth the few minutes it takes to listen to a very thought provoking piece on what is happening to America. On first blush, it may seem to be a rant coming from a well known conservative but as the piece unfolds you will discover no political bias - not a single mention of Democrats or Republicans.- liberals or conservatives.

 It centers on the danger to America's basic freedoms - including violation of our copyrights - promulgated by the increasingly corrosive self serving influence of corporate interests in our Country - aided and abbetted by lobbyists and our government. He cites no intentional conspiracy but uses several compelling examples - including Apple, Facebook,Twitter, our mindless infatuation with sound bites coming from celebrities (Trump!!), dynasties (Clinton) and ALL of the media in controlling what we are allowed to think, what we are allowed to hear, how and what we are allowed to communicate, the number of words we are allowed to use in speaking, what form of energy we are allowed to use - the list is endless when you really think about it!!!

Finally - he offers no solutions, He only provokes our thinking on where we are headed. There can be no doubt in any rational American's mind - we are under attack from within.

Matt Drudge has a Terrifying Warning for ALL Americans

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Interesting Data

Australian Gun Law Update
It has now been 12 months since gun owners in Australia were forced by a new law to
surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed by our own
government, a program costing Australia taxpayers more than $500 million dollars. The first year results are now in:
  • Australia-wide, homicides are up 6.2 percent,
  • Australia-wide, assaults are up 9.6 percent;
  • Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent)!
  • In the state of Victoria.....homicides with firearms are now up 300 percent

Sunday, October 4, 2015

We Must Never Forget!!


A true story about 19 Marines killed on an island (defending against the Japanese). Their unit had to retreat, but before leaving they asked the islanders to please bury the fallen Marines to keep the Japanese from finding their bodies. Years later, they checked and found a man who had been a teenager then and remembered where they were buried. They sent a C130 and an honor guard over there and found all 19 had been buried with their helmets on, their rifles in their hands, in perfect condition. The islanders had really done a wonderful job. As they were loading the bodies, a voice from out of nowhere started singing "The Marine Hymn"..........gave everyone goose bumps. Turns out, the voice was from a man who spoke no English but remembered a song the Marines taught him when they landed. Very touching.




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